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A’PIEU x Doraemon Air Fit Cushion #23


I haven’t posted in so long! Life got crazy and I kept putting things off, but I’m going to try to be more productive in EVERYTHING in LIFE now!

I recently got seduced into buying A’Pieu’s Doraemon edition of their Air-Fit Cushion.  Loads of kids in Asia (and other Asian and non-Asian kids of all ages, everywhere!) grow up with Doraemon, and he’s just kind of amazing. In Doraemon manga and anime, technology fixes everything! Keep Reading

Recent special editions: Doraemon, Moomin, and more!

Special editions everywhere! Autumn in Korea is especially exciting, because of all the new releases for the “autumn lady” look, and also just because new season = new products.



  • 2nd batch of Doraemon editions released this week: perfume mists, foundations, brow kits, and shading (contouring) kits. The All in One Perfume Mists and Air Fit Foundation are available in regular, non-Doraemon packaging, for the same price. The brow kits and shading kits appear to be new products.

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