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An online shopping order in Korea, from start to finish


One of the things I really like about Korea is the 빨리빨리 (ppalli ppalli: “hurry hurry” or “faster!”) culture. It has its pros and cons. Buildings get built with suspicious speed, an old shop shuts down and a new one replaces it and is fully functional within 48 hours, food gets delivered to your doorstep within the hour, any hour, even the line to the ladies’ bathroom moves quickly. Anyway. Combine 빨리빨리 and online shopping, and you get something that’s fast.

I recently discovered that I needed A’Pieu’s special edition Doraemon cushion case in my life. At 9,800 won for the case+BB cream, an extra applicator puff, and a refill, what’s not to like? I dreamed about it all day at work. When I got home, I caved and found myself on A’Pieu’s website ( Keep Reading