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A’PIEU x Doraemon Air Fit Cushion #23


I haven’t posted in so long! Life got crazy and I kept putting things off, but I’m going to try to be more productive in EVERYTHING in LIFE now!

I recently got seduced into buying A’Pieu’s Doraemon edition of their Air-Fit Cushion.  Loads of kids in Asia (and other Asian and non-Asian kids of all ages, everywhere!) grow up with Doraemon, and he’s just kind of amazing. In Doraemon manga and anime, technology fixes everything! Keep Reading

Yojiya Mayugomori hand cream


During my recent trip to Kyoto, I unfortunately didn’t get to stop by Yojiya’s full store in Gion. I did stop by one of their kiosks (there’s two!) at Kyoto Station. The Kyoto Station kiosks have a limited amount of products – I only remember seeing the Mayugomori hand creams and aburatorigami (facial blotting papers). The hand cream was available in a 30 g tube or 100 g tub.

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Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Pact: the better Blur product


Forget the Blur loose powder version – get this pact instead! The loose powder is a great product but it’s a drag to dispense the product. You either get too little by attempting to shake out the clumpy powder, or get too much by dipping your brush directly into the powder.  And it’s a mess to carefully measure out the right amount onto the cap, and use that. The pact solves all these problems.

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Igari makeup sightings in Kpop

Igari makeup (aka イガリメイク, aka hangover makeup) has been around for a while in Japan. Igari Shinobu, a Japanese makeup artist, is said to have started this trend, hence the name. Not sure if he’s the first person EVER to have done it, but he’s the one who made it cool this year. The main feature is blush focused in the front-center of the face, instead of the side cheekbones.  This look has been going “mainstream” in Korea this month. Probably because of autumn? Maybe.


Here, we have IU in her Twenty-three music video, released on Oct 22. She face-plants into the cake at 0:17, which is … wow.

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October 2015 samples

What a crazy month! I was super busy at work and didn’t have much “me” time. I’d get home from work, (attempt to) cuddle with my cat, fall asleep for an hour or so, wake up to take a proper shower, and go to bed. I’d take a walk around the neighborhood just to get around, and, uh, kind of strayed into the beauty roadshops. Here’s some of the free samples I received this month.


The Saem: tiny, tiny bottles of their Harakeke line. I haven’t tried these yet. I’ll have to bring out my beauty spatula to get the product out of these little bottles.

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