About Me

I live in South Korea. I like skincare and makeup, and I try to write about it here.



According to the mystery skin color scheme of #13, #21, #23 … I am easily #23. My base makeup is Missha’s M Perfect Cover BB cream in #23.

My MAC shade is NC 30 … I think. I have yet to actually walk into a MAC store, but I’m told (from various charts and blog posts etc) that Missha #23 is somewhere around NC 30-35.



Normal, but with the occasional cystic acne pimple (ugh). I also have eye bags, which are definitely not aegyo sal.  So far, I’ve been able to throw all sorts of lotions and potions at my skin, without wreaking too much havoc.

My lips are dry and flaky. The edge of my upper lip is darker – I guess it’s kind of like natural lipliner. It truly bugs me, and I always have to use lipstick all over my lips. This dark upper lip is why I can’t pull off the gradient lip. 



Photos are taken using whatever phone I have at the moment, or my Olympus PEN mini E-PM2 with the 14-42 mm kit lens.

The photos are edited in PhotoScape or Paint.NET. I’m poor or cheap or both, okay?