Nature Republic: Jeju Sparkling Cleansing Tissue

This comes from Nature Republic’s Jeju Sparkling line, and it’s really good!  It features carbonic (sparkling) water from the Sanbang Mountain Hot Springs on Jeju Island.

But is it really from the carbonic Sanbang Mountain Hot Springs? Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe there’s a Nature Republic / Amore Pacific factory on Jeju … or not.  But it doesn’t really matter to me, as long as it takes off my makeup.



There are seven products in the Jeju Sparkling line.  In this photo:

  1. Cleansing Water
  2. Mud Foam Cleanser
  3. Foam Cleanser (150 mL)
  4. Foam Cleanser (Large, 300 mL)
  5. Mud Cleansing Cream
  6. Cleansing Tissue (50 sheets)
  7. Cleansing Tissue (15 sheets)

Numbers 3 and 4 are the same Foam Cleanser, just a difference in size.  The same with Numbers 6 and 7, which are the cleansing tissues that I’m currently reviewing!

I received this as a free sample after buying eyeshadow singles.  I love how beauty stores throw in so many samples.  Nature Republic’s samples always seem to change, too, which is great! (I probably have an entire bottle’s worth of Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum, at the rate they give out those samples.)


It’s a typical sticker opening, that seals back down.  The problem I see with this is that it may eventually get too damp to seal properly – and end up drying out the rest of the tissues.  However, this is a 5-sheet sample pack, so I’m not too worried.  The 15-sheet travel pack also has a sticker seal, but presumably you’re going to go through the travel pack in a week or two.




The large 50-sheet pack has a snap closure, which helps to keep the moisture in.  It really does – I’ve had other wipes with snap closures, and the moisture is locked in for much, much longer compared to the sticker seal.


Here is an overprocessed photo of the tissue sheet, to show the texture/pattern. I have my doubts about whether or not this makes a difference, compared to a flat, patternless cleansing sheet.


The tissues are really soaked with product, and quite wet. Previously, I used the Neutrogena makeup remover towelettes in the blue pack … and now that I can compare Neutrogena to Nature Republic? Neutrogena seems kinda dry in comparison.


I’ve removed half my eyeshadow in this photo, as you can see.  This only took one swipe!  Powerful stuff, isn’t it?


Next up, the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo waterproof black eyeliner.  This eyeliner is great; a lot of people swear up and down about how it’s their HG (holy grail) eyeliner. I have several HG eyeliners instead of a HG eyeliner, and this is definitely one of them.  The color and holding power lasts all day long and even the next morning.  Let’s see how the cleansing tissue holds up.


First up, a pattern.  The classic X seemed like a good idea.


After a swirl with the tissue, everything seems to have mixed with the cleansing sheet’s liquid.


And… swipe off!  All gone.  Completely gone.


The aftermath of the black eyeliner and the green eyeshadow.  It didn’t take any effort at all to remove them, just a few swipes.

There’s a light fragrance to the sheets – it’s not annoying at all.  And it didn’t leave me feeling like I’d just greasebombed my face.  My face felt great, actually.  It felt like the right amount of moisture.  Compare this to some of the makeup remover sheets out there that either greasebomb you or strip all the moisture, everything – everything! – away.  I felt like I could totally stop and go about the rest of my day after only using the cleansing wipes.  I didn’t get the urge to soap up my face right now.

And, the pricing: the 15-sheet travel pack is 2,000 won, and the 50-sheet (250 g) pack is 5,500 won. The 15-sheet travel pack costs 133 won per sheet. It’s obviously more cost-effective to buy the 50-sheet pack, where the price breaks down to 110 won per sheet. Not a big difference, and yes it’s handy to have a little pack to travel with.  But if you’re only going to use this at home, get the big pack.

Korean: 제주 탄산 클렌징 티슈
English: Jeju Sparkling Cleansing Tissue
Retail Price: 15 sheets for 2,000 won.  50 sheets for 5,500 won.
Ingredients, Korean:  정제수, 부틸렌글라이콜, 피이지-7글리세릴코코에이트, 사이클로펜타실록산, 사이클로헥사실록산, 피이지-8, 세틸에칠헥사노에이트, 피이지-15글리세릴이소스테아레이트, 피이지-40하이드로제네이티드캐스터오일, 폴록사머184, 올리브오일, 탄산수, 하이드록시에칠아크릴레이트/소듐아크릴로일디메칠타우레이트코폴리머, 알란토인, 디소듐이디티에이, 클로페네신, 소듐벤조에이트, 시트릭애씨드, 향료.
Ingredients, English: Water, butylene glycol, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate, cyclopentasiloxane, cyclohexasiloxane, PEG-8, cetyl ethylhexanoate, PEG-15 glyceryl isostearate, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, poloxamer-184, olive (Olea europaea) fruit oil, carbonated water, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, allantoin, disodium EDTA, chlorphenesin, sodium benzoate, citric acid, fragrance.
Brand page: 15 sheet travel pack (kor), 50 sheet pack (kor)

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