Igari makeup sightings in Kpop

Igari makeup (aka イガリメイク, aka hangover makeup) has been around for a while in Japan. Igari Shinobu, a Japanese makeup artist, is said to have started this trend, hence the name. Not sure if he’s the first person EVER to have done it, but he’s the one who made it cool this year. The main feature is blush focused in the front-center of the face, instead of the side cheekbones.  This look has been going “mainstream” in Korea this month. Probably because of autumn? Maybe.


Here, we have IU in her Twenty-three music video, released on Oct 22. She face-plants into the cake at 0:17, which is … wow.


Luna seems to be the only f(x) member rocking the Igari makeup look. Here she is on Music Bank Oct 31, performing 4 Walls. She looks amazing!



Kisum runs around Okinawa in her LOVE TALK music video, released Oct 28. She has Igari makeup in a few scenes, although it’s hard to see through the color filter!



Taeyeon has very visible Igari makeup in her promo photos, but it’s barely visible in her I music video, released Oct 06.



Here’s a screencap from Taeyeon’s music video. This is one of the few times you can actually see the blush … or maybe my computer monitor is messed up, I don’t know.



Here’s the earliest Kpop sighting of Igari that I can find! This is from Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb music video, released Sep 08.



Also from the Dumb Dumb music video. This screenshot is a bit darker, but the blush is more visible.  I’ll end this post with one of their promo photos, where you can see the enhanced makeup:


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