October 2015 samples

What a crazy month! I was super busy at work and didn’t have much “me” time. I’d get home from work, (attempt to) cuddle with my cat, fall asleep for an hour or so, wake up to take a proper shower, and go to bed. I’d take a walk around the neighborhood just to get around, and, uh, kind of strayed into the beauty roadshops. Here’s some of the free samples I received this month.


The Saem: tiny, tiny bottles of their Harakeke line. I haven’t tried these yet. I’ll have to bring out my beauty spatula to get the product out of these little bottles.


Innisfree: a sample card of their new Ginger line! The card has samples of the regular and rich version of their ginger oil serum. I’m excited to try it. Will it smell like ginger!?



Innisfree: their Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam! I’ve heard good things about this, so it’ll be nice to check it out for myself.



Nature Republic: I was surprised at how big this sample is! It’s only 5 sheets, but the size and weight of the sample felt … deluxe?  I don’t have any makeup remover tissues, so if this works, I might get sucked in.



Nature Republic: a sample card with a foil packet glued to it. It’s the Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream. I don’t really follow Nature Republic news, so I don’t know much about them or this Ginseng Royal Silk line.  All I know is that they sell tiny 2,000 won bottles of hand sanitizer (kinda expensive for the amount), and that Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is their brand ambassador.

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