Missha and A’Pieu cushion non-compatibility


Short answer: No, you can’t interchange the cushions. Now, on to the long answer and photo proof.

Missha and A’Pieu are both manufactured by Able C&C, but it appears that they have different sizes. To my knowledge, just about all of AmorePacific’s cushions (Hera, IOPE, Etude House, Innisfree, etc) are interchangeable… however, I haven’t tried this out for myself.



On the left, we have Missha’s M Magic Cushion. On the right is A’Pieu’s Air Fit Cushion, in the Doraemon special edition.



I’ve clearly been using the Missha cushion! The A’Pieu cushion is pristine and clean, because when I took these photos, it was brand new. Now, look at the hinge poking out on the left side of both cushions.  Missha’s is much smaller and straight, while A’Pieu’s is thicker and has a curve.



From the side, you can see that Missha’s cushion pokes out a bit higher than A’Pieu’s. A’Pieu’s is almost at the same level as the case.



I removed the cushions, and stacked them on top of each other.  Missha is on top, and A’Pieu is on the bottom. Two things to look at in this picture:

  1. the size difference of the hinges.  Missha’s is smaller.
  2. The bottom half of A’Pieu is taller, and the top half is quite narrow.  Missha’s two halves are almost the same size.  (The case and cushion join up around where the two halves meet)



Here, I tried to fit Missha’s cushion into A’Pieu’s case.  Missha’s hinge is too small, and the cushion itself won’t go all the way into the case.



Another look at the Missha hinge trying to fit into the A’Pieu case.




And here, I tried to fit A’Pieu’s cushion into Missha’s case.  The hinge is clearly too big to fit into the case.  The cushion also wouldn’t go into the case.



Can’t really see anything from above, but essentially, the A’Pieu cushion is dwarfing the opening of the Missha case.


Here’s some product links if you want to check them out. They lead to the Korean websites for Missha and A’Pieu.

Product links

Missha M Magic Cushion – 6,800 won
Available in #21 and #23

A’Pieu Air Fit Cushion, Doraemon edition – 9,800 won
Available in #13, #21, and #23

A’Pieu Air Fit Cushion, regular edition – 5,800 won
Available in #13, #21, and #23

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