Recent special editions: Doraemon, Moomin, and more!

Special editions everywhere! Autumn in Korea is especially exciting, because of all the new releases for the “autumn lady” look, and also just because new season = new products.



  • 2nd batch of Doraemon editions released this week: perfume mists, foundations, brow kits, and shading (contouring) kits. The All in One Perfume Mists and Air Fit Foundation are available in regular, non-Doraemon packaging, for the same price. The brow kits and shading kits appear to be new products.

  • 1st batch of Doraemon editions: sunscreens, hand creams, cushions, cushion blushes, lip tints, and eyeshadow palettes. I swatched the eyeshadow palettes at Watson’s, and was surprised at how pigmented they were. I was expecting chalky, sheer stuff that I wouldn’t want to buy – but instead, I really want it now. I bought a cushion in #23, and I found it to be similar to my usual Missha M Perfect Cover #23 bb cream – except that A’Pieu’s cushion is very, very perfumed.
  • The Cushion Blusher is a new product, although the colors were already available – but not as a cushion. All of the other products are available in regular packaging, for the same price.




  • Aritaum x Sticky Monster Lab (a design studio from Seoul), available Oct 01-31.
  • The lip/cheek (13,000 won) and eyeshadow palettes (15,000 won) have surprisingly cheap prices. They are made in China, which is unusual for a big Korean brand, especially for the giant AmorePacific corporation with their many labs and production facilities. However – being made in China allows for it to be very affordable. Etude House – AmorePacific’s cheapest brand – recently released their 10-color (1 gram each, 10 grams total) In The Cafe palette, and that costs 22,000 won. Aritaum x Sticky Monster’s eyeshadow palettes have 12 colors (also 10 grams total) and cost 15,000 won.


Disney’s Alice in Wonderland editions. Buy at LG Beauty Mall. The eyeshadow colors appear to be really bright and colorful, which is a nice departure from the usual neutral brown/pink/red Korean eyeshadow colors.



Code Glokolor

  • Moomin x Code editions: lip tint, lipstick, mascara, cushions, single eyeshadows, and lip tint balm. The nail polish is not available online. Tomaru Beauty Station (Sinchon Station, exit 1) has a great in-store display.


Let me tell you, the color and appearance of the cushions are beautiful.  I tried it in-store and fell in love immediately at how perfect the color blended with me (a personal thing), and also how skin-like the application was.

I didn’t buy it because it turns out that refills aren’t available for Code Glokolor cushions. Yes, even with the regular, non-Moomin stuff from Code Glokolor. What if it becomes my HG? I can’t be buying a new cushion case every month or so.



  • Missha x Wonder Woman editions. To my knowledge, this is Missha’s 2nd character edition (the first was Betty Boop).
  • Four new nail polish colors. All of the other Missha x Wonder Woman products are available in regular packaging, for the same price. Watch out for the Magic Cushions, if you already use a Missha base makeup product – the Magic Cushions are one or two shades lighter than usual.



  • TonyMoly x Atom (Astro Boy) editions. The Eyetone Triple Color Palette is not available online, and the Gentleman’s Pomade and Real Made Mask Sheets appear to be new products. The cushion, mascara, and lip tints are available in the same colors and for the same price, in regular packaging.tonymoly-mightyatom

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