An online shopping order in Korea, from start to finish


One of the things I really like about Korea is the 빨리빨리 (ppalli ppalli: “hurry hurry” or “faster!”) culture. It has its pros and cons. Buildings get built with suspicious speed, an old shop shuts down and a new one replaces it and is fully functional within 48 hours, food gets delivered to your doorstep within the hour, any hour, even the line to the ladies’ bathroom moves quickly. Anyway. Combine 빨리빨리 and online shopping, and you get something that’s fast.

I recently discovered that I needed A’Pieu’s special edition Doraemon cushion case in my life. At 9,800 won for the case+BB cream, an extra applicator puff, and a refill, what’s not to like? I dreamed about it all day at work. When I got home, I caved and found myself on A’Pieu’s website (

Like most cosmetics/skincare brands, shipping is free through Beautynet after spending 10,000 won – that’s currently around 8.62 USD. The cushion is only 9,800 won – ugh. Shipping is almost always 2,500 won (sometimes 3,000 won), and this is also the case with Beautynet. I don’t want to pay 2,500 won for nothing – I may as well spend a little extra and get an actual product.

I add a 1,500 won pack of 2 empty refill cushions from Missha, and that brings me to 11,300 won and free shipping! Four brands share a shopping cart: A’Pieu, Missha, Mika, and Swisspure. Awesome, right?

And then I get sidetracked by 6,000 won brow mascara in Milky Brown. Into the cart it goes.


Paying for stuff online, by card, is a pain in Korea. You have to use Internet Explorer, install a bunch of security programs, and maybe even get locked out from your keyboard and you have to click all the numbers in with the mouse. Fortunately, Beautynet allows for payments via Kakao Pay. That’s linked to my phone and bank account. I put in my phone number, part of my Korean ID number and birthday as verification. About two seconds later, my phone lights up and shows that something has come in through Kakao Pay. I confirm the purchase on my phone by typing in a password, and then click “Payment Completed” on the computer. The confirmation page shows on my computer, confirming that they’ve received the money from Kakao Pay.

trackingI placed the order on the night of Tuesday, Oct 06. The package shows up in Hyundai Shipping’s online tracking system at 20:00 on Wednesday, Oct 07. It’s delivered to my doorstep at 14:03 on Thursday, Oct 08. This is just regular Korean shipping and standard speed, by the way. It’s great!

online-shop-4Brow mascara in its own bubble wrap bag.

online-shop-5And under the packing peanuts, the cushion and empty refills!


So from start to finish – Tuesday night to Thursday afternoon, and free shipping after 10,000 won! Amazon Prime can be just as fast, but that costs 99 usd/year.

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