This month from Etude House’s Pink Pass


I keep going on about Etude House. No, I’m not secretly paid by them! Hahaha I’m paying them!! The quality is great, the prices are low, and it generally has that awesome Amore Pacific quality.


I went in to buy a bottle of my Wonder Pore Freshner toner. It comes in a 500 mL bottle, and by the way, it’s massive and lasts forever. It also comes with a box of cotton squares.  The cotton squares have a textured/pebbled side, and a ‘regular’ side.  The textured side is less likely to fray and rip during use.



It was 15,000 won, and included a free gift set.  The gift set itself had a round bar of soap, a travel-size bottle of the toner, and a squeeze tube of Wonder Pore Corrector. Score, right?



For purchases over 15,000 won, the Pink Pass membership let me pay an extra 5,000 won, to pick a “Special Gift” set. But is it a gift if I have to pay for it?


Quick FYI! The Pink Pass is Etude House’s in-house membership card. It’s not the same as using the shared Amore Pacific Beautypoints from a different brand. The sales assistant said I had to use the Pink Pass. No problem, I had already registered a long time ago, so I gave them my phone number, they looked me up in the system, and we were ready to go!

I chose the #4 option: Real Art Moisture Cleaning Oil. Because DHC’s oil (200 mL for 37,000 won!) is starting to feel kinda pricey. The oil was the full-sized 185 mL bottle, and is normally priced at 13,800 won! Score! I was going to buy a cleanser oil anyway! (Also, I really like that the pump is packaged separately, but is it really necessary?)



I haven’t tested out the oil yet. From what I understand, the Moist & Deep Cleansing oil is a new formulation. Previously, the oil came in 2 different types: Moisture, or Light. Now it’s just the one type. Soon, soon!

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