Etude House Dreaming Swan store display and first impressions


Etude House’s Dreaming Swan Collection display case is here! It was so new, nobody had tried the lipsticks yet. And the oval hole at the bottom of the display, next to the four round cases? That’s where the Veiling Brush should have been. Not to worry, there’s a photo of it.

I’ve had the Dreaming Swan collection on my watchlist, as of a few days ago.

The Mini Pouch (8,000 won) is just that – mini. I don’t think long products such as eye pencils and full-size brushes will fit in there. Just your lipsticks, powders, etc.

Next up, the Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek tins (13,000 won). While the product itself is in a tin … the covers are plastic, and the graphics are a sticker. I wasn’t impressed by the sticker. As for the product itself, the color payoff was very low. The sales assistant was super pale, and she demonstrated using it on her eyelids – she used #2 Pointe Coral, and had to work at it for a while. Even with her multiple layers of the powder, it didn’t stand out at all. It’s good for a subtle flush of color, but don’t expect it to be pigmented. Rubbing at the product with my finger only produced a light veneer of slightly sparkly powder. Beautiful powder puff, though.

From left to right: #1 Jeté Pink, #2 Pointe Coral, #3 Arabesque Rose, #4 Relevé Purple, and #5 En Haut Pink.



And here’s two separate displays, as close-ups.




Next up, the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk (8,500 won).  The packaging feels the same as the other Dear My Blooming Lips Talk, which I always thought felt like cheap toy plastic. And if it’s anything like my current Dear My Blooming Lips Talk, the cap tends to come loose, too. The store display caps were made out of see-through plastic, and were kind of hard to take off – I don’t know if that will eventually lead to a loose cap, or a permanently tight cap. However – the promotional photos for these lipsticks show the standard pink cap. I’m not sure which one comes with a retail purchase; I didn’t open up the package to look.



From left to right, we have PK022 Flying Jeté Pink, OR225 Dream Pointe Coral, PK023 Breathtaking Arabesque Rose, PP502 Tension Relevé Purple, and PK024 On-stage En Haut Pink.



Last of all, the Veiling Pact (14,000 won) on the left … and the three Any Cushion cases (8,000 won) on the right.  The Veiling Pact and Any Cushion cases have the soft velvety plastic feel, similar to some smartphones and the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Also, the Veiling Pact has its graphics printed on in a raised print.

The Any Cushion cases are a strange thing. I can’t tell if the graphics are a sticker, or a raised circular print. Either way, whatever is on the Any Cushion case looks sticker-ish and cheap. The edge definitely has a raised lip to it.  I tried nicking at it with my fingernail, but it wouldn’t budge. It’s either a good sticker, or a cheap-looking raised print. Sticker or pseudo-sticker aside … the cases for the pact and cushion feel like deluxe sturdy plastic.

From left to right: Veiling Pact, followed by Any Cushion Cases #1 Dreaming Swan, #2 Dazzling Pointe Shoes, #3 Shining Tutu.




And the brush! The tutu has a nice, soft feel to it. I can’t comment on the brush quality. I should’ve tested it out with the Eye/Cheek product, but I didn’t. Argh!


I didn’t see three items: the Shine Volumer, Nail Kit, and Veiling Pact Brush. They’ll be out soon, I’m sure. My store’s shipment probably got delayed … or (gasp) stolen!!


Edited on April 10 to add additional photos of the Veiling Brush and the Eye/Cheek. And also to add that I don’t know if the Any Cushion case has a sticker or printed cover – it’s hard to tell.


  • claudia

    April 7, 2015

    This collection is so damn pretty!! I really wanted their cheek and eye thingy but since you weren’t impressed I think i’m gonna pass. I also really want their BB cushion covers~

  • Candice

    April 10, 2015

    I had the sparkly eyes for this collection when the photos were released. Everything looked so pretty, I was convinced that I had to have some of these products because I love ballet! However, after seeing real life photos and reading your first impressions I don’t think I’m so in lust with them anymore. The eye/cheek blush is rather disappointing; I was hoping the colours would be more pigmented and come in a tin not plastic with printed sticker! It looks like the graphics for the cushion case is also on a sticker. Ah well, I guess I’ll have to pass on this collection, sadly.

    • Kim

      April 10, 2015

      Yes, I feel the same way, too! It was very promising, and it’s still very pretty! But I’ll skip all but the brush. And even then, I don’t really NEED the brush… I think? Haha.


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