Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek trio


Here’s a new-ish tint trio from Skinfood, just released at the end of March! There are four different trios, and I bought #3 Cherry Tomato, with two orange shades and one red.

The Fresh Fruit line has been around for a while, but was only available in single colors. Now, you can have three for the price of, uh, one-and-a-half. A Fresh Fruit single costs 6,000 won. The trio costs 9,000 won.

I bought this together with the Black Sugar Honey wash-off mask during a “up to 30% off” sale… well, 15% for the general public. It was 25% off for VIPs, and 30% off for VVIPs and S-Class. Normally, the Lip & Cheek trio costs 9,000 won (8.28 usd). With the 15% discount, I ended up paying 7,650 won (7.04 usd). Also, GASP … I didn’t get any free samples with my purchase! Fine, whatever, Skinfood.



There are four variations of this product line: #1 Orange, #2 Strawberry (pinks), #3 Cherry Tomato (1 red and 2 oranges), and #4 Fig (beiges). I bought #3 Cherry Tomato.


Right now, #3 is out of stock on the Skinfood Korea website. Mwahaha! Does that mean I chose well!?

Check out the back of the packaging. Very newly produced – March 26! It’s only April 06 right now! I feel somewhat cutting-edge.



It’s a really small tin. It’s 2.5 g x 3; only 7.5 g total.



And swatches, of course! From left to right: 얌얌 (munch munch, red), 싱싱 (fresh produce sparkle sparkle, coral), and 톡톡 (pat pat, orange).



Red, coral, and orange are not the official names, of course.  It’s just for my sanity, for the purposes of this review. The Korean names are onomatopoeia, just like English has words such as ring ring, bang bang, meow meow.  Here’s the color swatches on my arm. They glide on very smoothly.



Red (얌얌)

I tried out the as a blush, on one cheek. I swiped my finger once across, and that’s how much color it picked up. A lot. It’s very pigmented. While rubbing on the blush-in-tin with my finger, I also noticed that it started melting under my fingertip very quickly. And I have cold hands! I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing.  It’s good as long as it’s not in my purse, in the heat.



It’s an orangey-red, and can be very dramatic. You have to go really light on it as a blush, because it quickly tips over into stage makeup territory. In the photo below, the red is on my cheeks and lips.



Coral (싱싱)

싱싱 (coral, in the middle) gives my cheeks a “I went running this morning” glow. The color payoff on my lips isn’t that great, though. It ends up looking whitish in my lip creases.



Orange (톡톡)

Last of all, here’s 톡톡 (orange, on the right). It reminds me of post-popsicle orange. A very summery look.




Overall Comparison

From left to right: 얌얌 red, 싱싱 coral, 톡톡 orange.


As a blush, this is amazing. I have to be careful about the amount I use. Just a dab or two on the cheeks – any more, and it would look like stage makeup. It’s beautiful as a matte blush – and THREE colors for the price of one! It would take me forever to work through a tin of one color. Even this current tin, with its 3 small compartments, will take me a while. Also, in terms of wearability, the blush lasts throughout my 8-hour workday.

As a lip product… this is a no, unless you’re going for #4 Fig because you need nude/beige lip colors. The pigment is great and the color sinks in instead of sitting on top of my lips, BUT I have to apply lip balm to moisturize. There are other, more moisturizing lip products out there. In a pinch, yes, I could use this for my lips. But I wouldn’t bother. The tint and gloss lasts about 4 hours before I’ve licked or eaten it off. But after it’s gone, my lips still have a nice stain of color left on them.

And, back to the exception that is #4 Fig. I don’t think there’s a market for a nude blush. However, Korean beauty companies rarely put out nude/beige lip shades. If you really wanted a nude lip, this would be your product … plus a good stick of lip balm.

Product: 스킨푸드 생과일 립 앤 치크 세가지맛  / Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Three Flavors (trio?)
Retail Price: 9,000 won
Amount: 7.5 g (2.5g x 3 colors)
Ingredients: unavailable
Brand page:


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