Etude House x Kerrie Hess Dreaming Swan Collection


Fresh this week is Etude House’s collaboration with illustrator Kerrie Hess (@kerriehessillustration). Here’s me basically reposting their images, BUT! with my attempts at translating the product names.


Here’s what’s up! I translated the Korean names into English – these are not the official names!


Value Kit


Value Kit 20,000 won. Includes these 3 items:

  • Eye & Cheek #2 (Dream Pointe Coral)
  • Dear My Blooming Lips Talk OR225 (Dream Pointe Coral)
  • Mini Pouch

If you bought the 3 items separately, it would cost 29,500 won.




Eye and Cheek


Eye and Cheek 13,000 won. A blush/eyeshadow multitasker. It seems matte. However, I suspect it may be too sheer to use as eyeshadow.  But!  I haven’t swatched it, so I don’t actually know.

  • 1 Jeté Pink
  • 2 Pointe Coral
  • 3 Arabesque Rose
  • 4 Relevé Purple
  • 5 En haut Pink



Shine Volumer


Shine Volumer 7,500 won.  According to Etude House, you can also use this to highlight your clavicles.

  • 1 Dreaming Swan – white
  • 2 Dazzling Pointe Shoes – gold
  • 3 Shining Tutu – champagne pink



Dear My Blooming Lips Talk


Dear My Blooming Lips Talk 8,500 won.  PP502 looks gorgeous.

  • PK022 Flying Jeté Pink
  • PK023 Breathtaking Arabesque Rose
  • PK024 On-stage en haut pink
  • OR225 Dream Pointe Coral
  • PP502 Tension Relevé Purple



Nail Kit


Nail Kit 7,000 won. Two polishes and a deco set, in ballet-inspired shades.

  • 1 Dazzling Shoes (pink background): Pink Shoes (Shimmering) + Satin Ribbon (Pearl Glitter) + jewel stickers (nail stones)
  • 2 Shining Tutu (blue background): Milk Tights (Syrup) + Sheer Skirt (Shimmering) + water decal sticker (feather stickers)




Veiling Pact


Veiling Pact 14,000 won. SPF25/PA++.




Veiling Pact Brush


Veiling Pact Brush 10,000 won. A “Brush TuTu” cover is included.




Any Cushion Case


Any Cushion Case 8000 won.

  • 1 Dreaming Swan
  • 2 Dazzling Pointe Shoes
  • 3 Shining Tutu



Mini Pouch


Mini Pouch 8000 won.




Etude House also has two makeup looks up. The model featured in these promo photos is 이호정 (Lee Ho-jeong), also on Instagram as @holly608.



Powdery Coral Makeup Look, which uses the blush and lipstick from the Value Kit.
Face: Veiling Pact + Eye and Cheek #2 (Pointe Coral)
Eyes: Eye and Cheek #1 (Jeté Pink) + Shine Volumer #2 (Dazzling Pointe Shoes)
Lips: Dear My Blooming Lips Talk OR225 (Dream Pointe Coral)
Nails: Nail Kit #1 Dazzling Shoes



Watercolor Rose Makeup Look
Face: Veiling Pact + Eye and Cheek #3 (Arabesque Rose)
Eyes: Eye and Cheek #2 (Pointe Coral) + Shine Volumer #3 (Shining Tutu)
Lips: Dear My Blooming Lips Talk PK023 (Breathtaking Arabesque Pink)
Nails: Nail Kit #2 Shining Tutu

Update, April 07, 2015: Here’s the store display!

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