Innisfree lipstick and powder


6,000 won (approx. 6 us dollars) for the No-Sebum Mineral Powder.

12,000 won for Innisfree Color Glow lipstick in #11 Pink Cranberry.

And that’s my drunken Hongdae “haul”, if two items counts as haul. (Hongdae is one of the artsy/cool/hip university student areas.)

I had a glass of wine in me, and was feeling a bit reckless. I only had plain lip balm on me, and suddenly/tipsily decided that my lip color needed to be fixed RIGHT NOW (I don’t like the dark “natural lip liner” on my lips). Closest shop to me was Innisfree. I usually only purchase after way too much research, and looking up ALL THE COLOR SWATCHES. But after a glass of wine…?


#11 Pink Cranberry (or Pinky Cranberry, according to the Korean label). The lipstick case itself has a lovely smooth matte texture… kind of like the back of my Kindle Paperwhite. I’m weird, I like textures.







“Hmm, I’ve read about this. What did I read..? Never mind, I’LL BUY IT.”



Much softer and more finely-milled than my elf High Definition Powder. Completely soft powder. Compared to elf HD Powder … I can see the grains in elf’s, but I can’t see Innisfree’s.



Very finely milled, and fills in the cracks. I didn’t completely rub it in, but my hand felt completely smooth and matte.



Free samples!

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